Exercise Library

Exercise Library

Welcome to the exercise library, this page is split into two sections. The first series of videos will explain the programme and the types of exercise that are included in it. Please watch these videos before starting the exercise programme. Below this is a series of videos that demonstrate how to perform each exercise safely. If you have any questions about these exercises please contact the Prepwell team for advice.



The three videos below explain how the exercise programme works and will discuss in more detail the types of exercises included in the programme. They also outline how to perform these exercises safely. Please watch these before starting your exercise programme.

To watch the information videos, please click on the coloured boxes.



Each of the videos below will break down the exercises that are included in your exercise programme. They will show you how to perform the exercises correctly and safely and will also outline the benefits of each exercise. We would recommend you watch each of the videos before you start the exercise programme and refer back to them if you are unsure at any point.

To watch the exercise videos, please click on the coloured boxes.